OnePlus 9R Offering the Latest Image Source


The new smartphone from Oppos, OnePlus 9R, offers some great features to smartphone users across the world. One thing that really attracts people is the dual camera feature on this smartphone. This handset comes with dual camera functionality which enables you to take pictures of your friends while adding a second shot in the memory card. Another great feature is the high definition camera which records videos at high resolutions. Oxygen OS is pre installed which enables easy access to many useful features. In this article, we will discuss about how to buy Oxygen OS and the advantages of using this new smartphone. oneplus 9r  Oxygen OS has been designed keeping in mind the user experience and has been loaded with many new features and applications. The Oxygen app helps you to manage your tasks and provides you with a unique user experience. With the help of the app, one can arrange their daily schedule, set reminders, set alarms etc. With Oxygen app, one can set auto mode, activate or deactivate airplane mode and can perform multi tasking with the assistance of the widgets like Google Maps.

Android apps are also available for the Android Wearable module. Android app users can find several apps such as Uber cab, Lyft, Yume app, Meitu, AltaVista etc which help in viewing the location of the restaurants, landmarks and transport around the city. For the people who use the GPS feature on the oneplus 9r, they can view directions, Google map, live traffic information and numerous other functions.

One of the best features of the smartphone is its amazing dual camera set up. With the support of OBB mode, one can enjoy the benefits of multi-tasking. If you want to take pictures of your friends and family or even shoot some video clips then you can do so by switching over to OBB mode. Moreover, the OxygenOS will give you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning dual display of the smartphones such as the 5g density, wide colour gamut and high contrast ratios. The Oxygen app also allows users to stream high definition videos from YouTube using AirVideo.

In the Android community, the OxygenOS is loved and supported by a number of developers and smartphone enthusiasts. With the support of such esteemed developer, one can get software updates directly through the official website of Oxygen. However, there are few problems of buying this handset such as its lack of memory capacity, lesser storage compared to the existing handset and poor camera connectivity. However, if you search for these problems online then you will come across many solutions. Other than this, you can buy the handset via eBay where it costs less than the existing handset and still gives you the best.

If you want to get the most from your smartphone then you should consider getting the OxygenOS with the OBB mode. With this impressive software feature, you can capture high quality images with ease and also edit them accordingly. You can also make use of the built in image editing tools and apply different filters to the images captured by the Oxygen 9r camera. This device can also connect to your network so that you can share your images and videos with your friends across the globe via email or social networking.

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